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Our Services
All investigations are free of charge.

White Light Paranormal performs paranormal investigations for anyone who feels they may be dealing with a haunting or other unexplained phenomenon in their home or business.  When we do an initial phone interview with a client, we discuss options for an investigation.  We conduct three types of investigations, Mini, Active and Passive.

Mini Investigation

A mini investigation will consist of a walkthrough of the property, and possibly outside of the property itself. We usually have a team of around 4 people. These investigations may last anywhere from one to three hours and we will use limited handheld equipment.

Active investigation

Active investigations are conducted utilizing the whole team.  These investigations utilize most or all of our equipment and we make an asserted attempt to track down and communicate with any spirits.  These investigations usually take several hours and is the most common investigation.

Passive investigation

Passive investigations are conducted by simply placing DVR cameras and Noise actuated EVP recorders in the affected area and leaving them overnight.  We often have an additional voice recorder playing with pre-recorded questions spanned over to 1 hour intervals.    We then come back the next morning to collect the equipment. .

White Light Paranormal pledges our commitment to our clients that we strive to help clients seek answers to their paranormal issues and that all information on their cases will be held in strict confidentiality as to their identities, their address, and our findings, unless otherwise advised by the client.

We also make the commitment to the utmost in professionalism and further commit to empower our clients through our knowledge, research and evidence and enabling them to gain a better understanding of their experiences, paranormal or not.

To request an investigation or more information, email us with contact info to:

or  text/call  717-884-8004

All investigations are free of charge.

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